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The total amount of useful energy available from an energy resource or energy system over its lifetime, minus the amount of energy used
Gooey liquid consisting mostly of hydrocarbon compounds and small amounts of compounds containing oxygen, sulfur, and nitrogen. Extracted from underground and sent to refineries wh
The point and time when the pressure in an oil well drops and its rate of conventional crude oil production starts declining; for a group of wells or for a nation, the point at whi
Chemicals obtained by refining crude oil. They are used as raw materials in manufacturing most industrial chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.
Identified deposits from which conventional crude oil can be extracted profitably at current prices with current technology.
Other/unidentifiable deposits of potentially recoverable oil.
Deposit of a mixture of clay, sand, water, and varying amounts of a tarlike heavy oil known as bitumen.
Slow-flowing, dark brown, heavy oil obtained when kerogen in this is vaporized at high temperatures and then condensed.
Underground deposits of gasses consisting of 50-90% by weight methane gas and small amounts of heavier gaseous hydrocarbon compounds.
Mixture of liquefied propane and butane gas removed from natural gas and used as a fuel.
Natural gas converted to liquid form by cooling it to a very low temperature.
Solid, combustible mixture of organic compounds with 30-98% carbon by weight, mixed with various amounts of water and small amounts of sulfur and nitrogen compounds.
Gaseous fuel containing mostly methane produced from solid coal.
Nuclear change in which two nuclei of isotopes of elements with a low mass number are forced together at extremely high temperatures until they fuse to form a heavier nucleus.

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