Tumor Supressor Genes (Goljan Table 8-4)

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Can you name the Tumor Supressor Genes (Goljan Table 8-4)?

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Lung colon, breast carcinomas
OSTEOSARCOMA, breast carcinoma, retinoblastoma
Familial polyposis
Product activates BAX gene and subsequent apoptosis; also inhib G1-S
Pancreatic and colorectal carcinomas
Gene product inhibits going from G1-S (not TGF beta or p53)
Breast, ovary carcinomas
Regulates nuclear transcription (not WT1)
Syndrome of brain tumors, sarcomas, breast carcinoma, an leukemia
Gene product Prevents nuclear transcription (degrades catenin, an activator of nuclear transcription)
Syndrome of Cerebellar hemang, retinal angioma, bilat RCC and PCC
activated by p53 product to promote apoptosis
Regulates nuclear transcription (not VHL)
Li Fraumeni
Cerebellar hemang, retinal angioma, bilat RCC and PCC
Gene product regulates DNA repair
Wilms' tumor
Gene product inhibits going from G1-S (not Rb or p53)

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