Milt's Gods and Goddesses

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Can you name the Milt's Gods and Goddesses?

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Can you name the Greek Gods and Goddesse
Goddess of motherhood; Mother of Apollo and Artemis
Vigin goddess of home and cooking
God of the sea, rivers, oceans, floods, horses, & droughts
Goddess of good counsel, advise, planning and cunning.
Goddess of love, lust, beauty, and pleasure
Father of the titans
God of travel, messangers, trade, and cunning wiles
Leader of the titans
God of fire, metalworking, & volcanism
Goddess of motherhood and generation
God of music, healing, archery, & asociated with the SUN
Can you name the Greek Gods and Goddesse
God of war, violence, manly courage, and civil order
Goddess of divine law and order
Queen of Heaven, Goddess of marrage, woman, airs, kings & empires
Goddess of the earth & mother of titans
Goddess of water-meadows and pasturelands.
God of wine, parties, festivalas, maddness & pleasure
King of the underworld, and god of death
Virgin goddess of wisdom, warfare, strategy 7 reason
King of Gods, Ruler of Mt. Olyimpus & ruler of the sky
Virgin goddess of the hunt, child birth, and asociated with the mood
Goddess of fertility, aggriculture, grain, & harvest

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