Birthdays of Modern Nations

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Can you name the Modern country which was formed on this date?

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27th September 1821Recognition of Independence by Spain
1st January 1901Independence from the UK
14th May 1948Independence from British Palestine
25th December 1991Largest state following the dissolution of the USSR
1st January 1959Successful overthrow of Batista
3rd May 1947Post-war constitution reduced the Emperor to a Constitutional Monarch
12th April 1922Republic of Ireland became independent leaving this state:
29th October 1923Atatürk creates this republic
3rd October 1990Reunification of GDR and FRD
21st June 1788Ratification of current constitution
4th October 1958Formation of the Fifth Republic
1st October 1949People's Republic Proclaimed
15th August 1947Independence from the UK, led by Ghandi
11th February 1929Independence from Italy
2nd July 1976Reunification following civil war

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