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First James Bond
Female 'M'
Invented the telephone
Victorious Admiral with a column
Pomp and Circumstance marches
Empress of India
A famous Christmas ghost story
Created Middle Earth
Basil Fawlty and Sir Lancelot
Proposed the theory of evolution by natural selectoin
The three laws of motion
Member of the Rolling Stones with rather extraordinary dance moves
Invented the computer and cracked the enigma code
Black and white movies star
Discovered Penecillin
Rose up against the Romans
Founded the Church of England
Pioneered research into black holes
Described by Hitler as 'The most dangerous woman in Europe'
We shall fight on the beaches...
Founder of the Beatles
Led the suffragette movement
Led the allied forces at Waterloo
Campaigned for the abolition of slavery
Battle of Britain pilot with no legs!
Privateer who circumnavigated the world
Invented the steam locamotive
Only Jewish Prime Minister, Earl of Beaconsfield
Designer of iPod, iPad and Mac
Four time Victorian Prime Minister who paved the way for free trade and social reform.
World's highest paid TV actor, roles include Bertie Wooster, the Prince Regent and Dr. House
Actor whose works include Equus and the Woman in Black
Lord Protector who conquered Ireland
Female Prime Minister, led Britain into the Falklands war
A pioneering engineer who is said to have built Britain's railways
Raced Roald Amundsen to the South Pole
Scored a hat-trick in the 1966 world cup final
Creator of Muggles and Quidditch
Revolutionised nursing in the Crimea
Invented the world wide web
The 'Bard of Avon'

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