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My tomb is the only remaining wonder of the ancient world.?-2566 BC.
I extended Babylonian influence over Mesopotamia, whilst establishing my code of law; one of the first of its kind.c.1792 BC.- c.1750 BC.
I led the assembled Greeks at Marathon, successfully holding of the Persians, before sending the famous runner to warn the Athenians of the Persian fleetc.550 BC.- 489 BC.
My epic poem traced my people's and my Emperor's ancestry to the destruction of Troy70 BC.-19 BC.
I met Atilla the Hun and convinced him to leave my countryc. 400- 461
My visitation from Allah led to the creation of one of the major faiths and also unified Arabia. c.570-c.632
My military campaigns established the Franks as the rulers of Gaul and halted Muslim expansion into Europec.688- 741
I not only raided Britain but conquered it, adding it to my empire along with Denmark, Norway and Sweden. I was so powerful, my courtiers believed I could command the tide!c.990-1035
My travels to the East helped to reopen the ancient silk road as well as reintroduce many of my countrymen to the existence of Chinac.1254-1324
My generosity en-route to Mecca devastated the economies of Cairo, Medina and Mecca for a decade and alerted the Eurasian world to my powerful and rich West African Empirec.1280-c.1337
My famous victory at Agincourt is seen as the end of the 'Age of Chivalry' due to my extensive use of long-bowmen rather than mounted knights1386-1422
My invention, the printing press, helped spark the modern era and re-educate Europec.1398-1468
When strange pilgrims came to my land I made them welcome, teaching them how to survive in their new surroundings. Although initially thankful, their descendants were less gracious1585-1622
My reign is known as 'the Golden age of the Mughals'. I built the Taj Mahal as a tomb for my beloved wife.1592-1666
My works established the laws of motion, gravity and calculus and, as such, am considered one of the world's greatest scientists. 1642-1727
I transformed the backward Tsardom of Russia into the mighty and European Russian Empire. I founded the city of St Petersburg as my capital1672-1725
As leader of the Committee of Public Safety, I attempted to cleanse Paris of the unvirtuous with the guillotine. However eventually even I fell foul to the 'National Razor'1758-1794
Despite being Prime Minister twice, I am most famous for my victory over the 'little corporal' in 1815.1769-1852
I led Latin America in their overthrowing of the Spanish Empire and helped establish the republic of Gran Colombia1783-1830
I became known as 'father of the fatherland' as my military campaigns led to the unification of Italy under Victor Emmanuel II1807-1882
Along with my friend Karl Marx, I published a manifesto which would influence the world and especially the 20th Century.1820-1895
I developed many household devices such as the motion picture camera. I hold over 1000 patents to my name.1847-1931
I presided over a period of rapid change in Japan which transformed my country from feudal state to world power in a few decades.1852-1912
I led the British troops during World War One and due to my failure to grasp modern technology and strategy I became known as 'the butcher of the Somme' 1861-1928
Inspired by the ancients, I fathered the Modern Olympic movement, winning my own gold medal for poetry in 1912 1863-1937
As Chancellor of the Exchequer I introduced many social reforms to Britain including sick pay and old age pension. Later, I became known as 'the man who won the war' 1863-1945
Originally a lowly monk, I gained influence by seemingly curing the Tsar's son of hemophilia. My death has become legend as I just wouldn't die.1869-1916
I raced Captain Scott to the South Pole, beating his team by 33 days. I also led the first expedition to undisputedly reach the North Pole1872-1928
I successfully led Ireland's fight for independence against British rule. I led the new Republic of Ireland until 1973 in various guises. 1882-1975
I established the field of extragalactic astronomy. Although long dead, my eye still gazes out to distant galaxies1889-1953

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