English Monarchs by Event

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Can you name the English Monarchs by events of their lifetime?

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Central Christian commander during the 3rd CrusadePlantagenet
Led huge resistance to the invading Vikings, Only king with the epithet 'the Great'Wessex
Presided over the Anarchy, a civil war with his cousin the Empress MatildaNormandy
Won the battle of Agincourt against the FrenchLancaster
Led the Glorious RevolutionOrange-Nassau
Won the War of the Roses after the battle of Bosworth FieldTudor
Defeated Harold Godwinson at the battle of HastingsNormandy
Led the Cavaliers and RoyalistsStuart
First king of a unified EnglandWessex
Broke from the Catholic church and established the Church of EnglandTudor
'Hammer of the Scots'Plantagenet
Survived the gunpowder plot, union of the crownsStuart
Defeated the Spanish Armada of 1588Tudor
Signatory of the Magna Carta of 1215Plantagenet
King of England and much of ScandanaviaNorway

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