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Can you name the winners (W) and losers (L) in these events?

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CandidateWon (W) or Lost (L)?Event
Grover Cleveland1888 Presidential Election
West Germany1966 Football World Cup Final
Henry VBattle of Agincourt
Albert Einstein'Time' person of the 20th Century
Neanderthals Evolutionary battle with Homo Sapiens
New England PatriotsSuper Bowl XXXVI
Australia2005 Ashes
George A. CusterBattle of the Little Bighorn
Avatar2009 Academy Award for Best Picture
Ireland422nd Quidditch World Cup
Byzantine Empire1422 Siege of Constantinople
MontrealHost City for the 1976 Summer Olympics
Robert Falcon ScottRace to the South Pole
Mark AnthonyBattle of Actium
Kings of Leon2010 Grammy for Record of the Year
CandidateWon (W) or Lost (L)?Event
Cabaret1973 BAFTA for Best Film
University of CambridgeThe Boat Race (1829)
AchillesDuel with Hektor outside Troy
SpartaPeloponnesian War
Margaret Thatcher1979 UK General Election
Bradley Wiggins2012 Tour de France
Roger Federer2012 Wimbledon Men's Singles
RohanBattle of Helm's Deep
Oedipus Rex by SophoclesFirst Prize in City Dionysia
John Scopes1925 'Scopes Monkey' Trial
Adolf Hitler1932 German Presidential Election
Michael Phelps200m Butterfly-2012 Olympics
~4000 Zulu WarriorsDefence of Rorke's Drift
Deep Blue1996 Chess match against Garry Kasparov
The British NavyBattle of Trafalgar

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