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Year and CountCountryLocation
1960- 21 total (most total, gold(7), silver, and bronze)Squaw Valley, USA
1964- 25 total (most total, gold(11), silver, and tied for most bronze)Innsbruck, Austria
1964- 6 bronze (tied for most bronze)Innsbruck, Austria
1968- 14 total (most total, gold(6), and silver)Grenoble, France
1968- 4 bronze (two nations tied for most bronzeGrenoble, France
1972- 16 total (most total, gold(8), and tied for most silver)Sapporo, Japan
1972- 5 silver (tied for most silver)Sapporo, Japan
1972- 7 bronze (most bronze)Sapporo, Japan
1976- 27 total (most total, gold(13), silver, and bronze)Innsbruck, Austria
1980- 23 total (most total, silver, and bronze)Lake Placid, USA
1980- 10 gold (most gold; one less total, silver, and bronze)Lake Placid, USA
1984- 25 total (most total, silver, and bronze)Sarajevo, Yugoslavia
1984- 9 gold (most gold; one less total, silver)Sarajevo, Yugoslavia
1988- 29 total (most total, gold(11), and bronze)Calgary, Canada
Year and CountCountryLocation
1988- 10 silver (most silver)Calgary, Canada
1992- 26 total (most total, gold(10), and silver)Albertville, France
1992- 8 bronze (tied for most bronze)Albertville, France
1994- 26 total (most total and silver)Lillehammer, Norway
1994- 11 gold (most gold)Lillehammer, Norway
1994- 8 bronze (tied for most bronze)Lillehammer, Norway
1998- 29 total (most total and gold(12))Nagano, Japan
1998- 10 silver (most silver)Nagano, Japan
1998- 9 bronze (most bronze)Nagano, Japan
2002- 36 total (most total and silver)Salt Lake City, USA
2002- 13 gold (most gold)Salt Lake City, USA
2002- 11 bronze (most bronze)Salt Lake City, USA
2006- 29 total (most total, gold(11), and silver)Turin, Italy
2006- 9 bronze (most bronze)Turin, Italy

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