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simon says/detective/fort knox/gruber/bombs
rat/nice guy eddie/robbery/bark all day little doggie?
barf/schwartz/12345/comb desert/president skroob
fraternity/my boy blue/dean/ky jelly wrestling/tranquilizer
tavington/war/militia/rocking chair/ghost
alzheimer's/parrot/sharks/samuel jackson/chef
kelly clarkson/hoodrats/boner jams 03/action figures/bike
milk/nazis/bonjourno/bear jew/thats a bingo
janitor/munchies/snoop dogg/sir smoke-a-lot/buttercup
Tulane/Supreme Court/FBI/washington herald/Mattiece
road trip/old man river/roll em up/station wagon/cousin eddie
copier/hypnotist/feels good to be a gangsta/milton/jump to conclusions
Virgins/pact/casanova/milf/band geeks
angel/pie/sugar/sparky/tabloid reporters
ghosts/miniature model/three times/handbook/winona ryder

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