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Can you name the retroactive winners of the Conn Smythe trophy?

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1917-18Toronto Arenas
1918-19Montreal Canadiens
1919-20Ottawa Senators
1920-21Ottawa Senators
1921-22Toronto St. Pats
1922-23Ottawa Senators
1923-24Montreal Canadiens
1924-25Victoria Cougars
1925-26Montreal Maroons
1926-27Ottawa Senators
1927-28New York Rangers
1928-29Boston Bruins
1929-30Montreal Canadiens
1930-31Montreal Canadiens
1931-32Toronto Maple Leafs
1932-33New York Rangers
1933-34Chicago Black Hawks
1934-35Montreal Maroons
1935-36Toronto Maple Leafs
1936-37Detroit Red Wings
1937-38Toronto Maple Leafs
1938-39Boston Bruins
1939-40New York Rangers
1940-41Boston Bruins
1941-42Toronto Maple Leafs
1942-43Detroit Red Wings
1943-44Montreal Canadiens
1944-45Toronto Maple Leafs
1945-46Montreal Canadiens
1946-47Toronto Maple Leafs
1947-48Toronto Maple Leafs
1948-49Toronto Maple Leafs
1949-50New York Rangers
1950-51Montreal Canadiens
1951-52Detroit Red Wings
1952-53Boston Bruins
1953-54Detroit Red Wings
1954-55Detroit Red Wings
1955-56Montreal Canadiens
1956-57Montreal Canadiens
1957-58Montreal Canadiens
1958-59Montreal Canadiens
1959-60Montreal Canadiens
1960-61Chicago Black Hawks
1961-62Chicago Black Hawks
1962-63Toronto Maple Leafs
1963-64Toronto Maple Leafs

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