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Can you name the 'other guys/girls' of famous duos?

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Don Johnson and ____ (Miami Vice)
Tom Hanks and ____ (Bosom Buddies)
Paul Simon and ____ (music)
George Michael and ____ (music)
Keanu Reeves and ____ (Bill & Ted)
Adam West and ____ (Batman)
Mary Tyler Moore and ____ (MTM's Mary and Rhoda)
Michael Jordan and ____ (sports)
Mario and ____ (video games)
Erik Estrada and ____ (CHIPS)
Daryl Hall and ____ (music)
Jack Black and ____ (Tenacious D)
Kenny Loggins and ____ (music)
Lucy Lawless and ____ (Xena)
Harrison Ford and ____ (Star Wars' Han and Luke)
Harry Potter and ____ (books/film)
Maverick and ____ (Top Gun)
Lucille Ball and ____ (I Love Lucy's Lucy and Ethel)
The Fresh Prince and ____ (music)
Bronson Pinchot and ____ (Perfect Strangers)
Roy Rogers and ____ (TV)
George Burns and ____(comedy)

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