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Can you name the Trivia Facts about Porkins from Star Wars?

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What was his call sign in the movie?
What was his call sign in the novelization?
What was his first name, as established in the Star Wars role-playing game?
What was his rank?
Which planetary system was he from?
What was his nickname in the novelization?
Who asks Porkins to cover him during the Battle of Yavin?
What was Porkins first advised to do upon realizing he had 'a problem'?
What was he then advised to do despite insisting he could 'hold it'?
What were his last words?
What was the name of the actor who portrayed him?
What character was he originally cast to play?
What character did he play in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'?
What was his last line in 'Raiders'?
What character did he play in 1989's 'Batman'?
What other Star Wars actor was featured in 'Batman'?

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