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PlotlineVideo/Song Title
The band takes a wild ride with special guest Lemmy from Motorhead.
The band rocks out on stage in an empty stadium.
The band rocks out while boxed in.
The band encounters another set of Foo Fighters playing in Dave's apartment.
The band goes to a drive-in.
The band rotates 360 degrees.
The band tries to land an out-of-control airliner.
The band takes a stand against the riot police.
The band has a hankerin' for sushi.
The band demonstrates the awesome power of 'Footos' brand mint candy.
PlotlineVideo/Song Title
The band gets stuff thrown at them by people on a bridge.
A faceless guy runs around in a fire saving babies, dogs, and photos.
Dave has some quality time at a motel with special guest Jack Black.
Dave & Taylor are haunted in their dreams by Nate & Pat.
The band encounters a weird-looking spore-type thing.
The band takes a trip to the moon.
This fast-cutting video opens with a long take of Dave's mouth and a mic.
Dave looks dapper in the crazy house with a female frenemy.
The band goes back to school.
Dave quits the soaps and forms the Davy Grolton Band.

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