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Supreme Court Case CaseJustice
Company guilty of ‘sexual stereotyping’ for not making her partner; not able to show that they would have made the same decision if she were a man Brennan 6-3
- City’s ‘set aside’ program for contracts for minority owned businesses breaks EP clause of 14th amend. bc theres no legit city interest. O'Connor 6-3
- Hiring policy-if you have young minors at home and are a women, we will not hire you: per curium opinion: obvious violation of title 7 of the 1964 civil rights act
Upheld use of 1866 Civil Rights Act to stop a private school from practicing racial segregation; state to enforce a contract would be in violation of 14th amend EP clause. Stewart 7-2
- Can an Arab person file a racial discrimination suit under the 1866 Civil Rights Act? White writes unanimous decision – yes, of course Arabs are included. White 9-0
- SC wrote procerum opinion – said OK can’t stop blacks from attending law school if they don’t have another for them; Breaks equal protection clause of 14th amendment
Affirm. Action; 1College quota admission system violated EP Clause of 14thAmend. 2.Race can be used to achieve educational diversityPowell, 5-4, 5-4
Overturned TX law denying free public school education to illegal alien children Brennan 5-4
Says state law trumps right to privacy–too large in size & structure to be considered private; not letting women into chapter hurts them professionally & economically
- Justice White says Jews also can use the 1866 Civil Rights Act to challenge discrimination against them White
- Court says they don’t see how it is right to treat naturalized citizens differently than other citizens – says the law implies naturalized citizens are less reliable and less
- Voting rights act IS constitutional; 15th amend says you can’t stop someone from voting because of race; section 2 says Congress can pass necessary enforcement legislation Warren 9-0
invalidated PA personal liberty laws which interfered w return of slaves; upheld Fugitive Slave Act
Held that a black was entitled to be tried by a jury from which blacks had not been excluded bc of their race.
- Unanimously says restricted housing covenants are unenforceable by courts; violation of 14th amendment
Supreme Court Case CaseJustice
- Murphy says the government must show that the person took the oath of citizenship fraudulently in order to revoke it (denaturalize someone) Murphy
School board guilty of discrimination after firing someone who had contagious tuberculosis Brennan
Held that the EP Clause is based on race & people have right not to be excluded from juries due to race. Extended 'Batson' from 6 yrs b4Kennedy 7-2
ID law automatically giving husband preference in executing son’s estates over wife – breaks EP clause of 14th Amend.
Challenges UT law – in order to become adult, male must be 18, girl 21; Court strikes down law – no legitimate state interest; breaks equal protection clause of 14th
Upheld Congress' limiting registering for the draft to males onlyRehnquist 6-3
Court held slaves must abide by law of the state in which they were residing. If in a slave state, they were slaves. Taney
- Looks at literacy tests in Alabama – obviously geared to prevent blacks from voting, so stopped
- CT says you must live in state a year to be eligible for welfare;Warren says violates equal protection and right to travel between states
Court gave its approval to the concept of separate but equal facilities for whites & blacksBrown 8-1
- Court says she claims she was sexually harassed, this has nothing to do with the contract – once you have the job, s-h has nothing to do with signing contract that has already Kennedy 5-4
- Navy said if a woman gets passed on twice for promotion, must be out after 13 yrs service, men after 9 yrs: says this is okay – since men had easier time getting promoted, wome
- Texas funding of public schools using property taxes is constitutional, rational; state has substantial interest in educationPowell 5-4
- Stanley Reed – doesn’t matter if Democratic party is called a private party or not, all elections are governed by the same rules; 15th amendment holds – white primaries his

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