U.S. Presidents by Derogatory Nickname

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Can you name the U.S. Presidents by Derogatory Nickname?

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nickname(s)namepolitical party / term of office
The American Talleyrand, The Careful Dutchman, The Mistletoe Politician
The Beast of Buffalo, The Hangman of Buffalo, His Obstinacy, The Stuffed Prophet, The Elephantine Economist, Uncle Jumbo
The American Louis Philippe
Slick Willie, Bubba, Teflon Bill
Dubya, W., Junior
His Accidency
Granny _______, Queen Victoria in Riding Breeches, President DeFacto, His Fraudulency, Boss Thief, The Great Usurper, Old 8 to 7
The Fainting General
President Malaise
The Napoleon of Protection
Wimpy, Read My Lips, Senior
The Teflon President, Ronnie,
Prince _______, The Dude President, Walrus
Little Jemmy, His Little Majesty
Mad Tom, The Negro President
nickname(s)namepolitical party / term of office
High-Tax Harry, The Senator from Pendergast
The Human Iceberg, Kid Gloves _________
Ten Cent Jimmie
Bulls**t _______, Bull _________, Light-Bulb Lyndon, Landslide Lyndon
Wobbly Warren
King Andrew
That Man in the White House, That Man
Old Four Eyes, Theodore the Meddler
The Community Organizer-in-Chief, Bambi, The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers
Cautious Cal, Silent Cal, The Sphinx of the Potomoc
General Mum
Tricky Dick, Gloomy Gus, The Mad Monk
______ the Plodder, Young Hickory
The Duke of Braintree, King John the Second, Old Sink or Swim, His Rotundity

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