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Can you name the sports based on the terms used in them?

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Shuttle, Feint, Let
Bonspiel, Button, Skip
Blocker, Mask, Trapper
Scrum, Kick for Touch, Pitch
Babyface, Heel, Submission
Gokyo, Ippon, Waza-Ari
Pick, Alley-Oop, Guard
Regata, Starboard, Coxwain
Love, Break, Fault
Ground Outside, Putting Action, Stopboard
Pit, Drag, Checkered
Bump, Dig, Spike
Safety, Blitz, Zone
Drafting, Lane, Pursuit
Circle, Cage, Heat
Albatross, Wood, Rough
K, On Deck, Balk
Marks, Arc, Kit
Carve, Gate, Slalom
Wicket, Batsman, Bowler
Corner Arc, Cross, Free Kick
Place, Show, Exacta
Alley, Cutline, Nick
Riposte, Piste, Invite
Baulk, Bunny, Swimoff/Sprint

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