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Can you name the sports based on the terms used in them?

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Forced Order
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Scrum, Kick for Touch, Pitch
Pick, Alley-Oop, Guard
Albatross, Wood, Rough
Alley, Cutline, Nick
Baulk, Bunny, Swimoff/Sprint
Regata, Starboard, Coxwain
Blocker, Mask, Trapper
Drafting, Lane, Pursuit
Corner Arc, Cross, Free Kick
Circle, Cage, Heat
Ground Outside, Putting Action, Stopboard
Bump, Dig, Spike
Wicket, Batsman, Bowler
Shuttle, Feint, Let
Carve, Gate, Slalom
Safety, Blitz, Zone
Bonspiel, Button, Skip
Gokyo, Ippon, Waza-Ari
Love, Break, Fault
Marks, Arc, Kit
Place, Show, Exacta
Babyface, Heel, Submission
K, On Deck, Balk
Pit, Drag, Checkered
Riposte, Piste, Invite

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