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SpeciesJediextra info
humanthe chosen one
humanalso known as 'Ben'
unknownthe grandmaster-900 years old
human (korun)has a purple lightsaber
humankilled by Darth maul
cereanlong head
nautolankilled by palpatine
ikotchikilled by palpatine
zabrakkilled by palpatine
zabrakhas a lot of horns
kel dorkilled in an X-wing by captain jag
togrutahas long blue and white tentacles
twi'lekblue jedi
mirialanhas a black dress
mirialanpadawan of a mirialan
SpeciesJediextra info
lanniksmall jedi
quermianhas an extremely long neck
thisspiasianextremely hairy jedi
humanjedi and librarian
chalactanpadawan of the jedi with purple lightsaber
humanhas a weird tentacle head
humanalso has weird tentacle head
ongreetook the seat of the hairy jedi after he died
unknown400 years old-young for her species
vurkkilled by jango fett
humanfought in the geonosian arena
humanfought in the geonosian arena
wookieehad a yellow lightsaber and curved hilt
humanhad 3 flat black mohawks
humanturned to the dark side

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