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Can you name the characters of the television show Gilmore Girls by their occupation?

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Forced Order
Former manager of the Independence Inn; co-owner of the Dragonfly Inn
Chef and co-owner of the Dragonfly Inn
Former day concierge of the Independence Inn; concierge of the Dragonfly Inn
Former professional singer and dancer; dance instructor and owner of a dance studio
Town selectman of Stars Hollow, owner of a market, owner of an old fashioned soda shoppe
Farmer and produce supplier, one-time town selectman of Stars Hollow
Antique store owner
Waitress and drummer of Hep Alien
Owner of a popular Stars Hollow diner
Insurance executive
Former Wal-Mart employee; author and member of an independent publishing company
Assistant manager at a market, beauty supply shop cashier, movie theatre employee and mailman (just to name a few)
Chilton English teacher
Stars Hollow auto mechanic
Owner of Stars Hollow Books
Renaissance fair jewelry maker
Chilton headmaster
Vintage shop owner in Woodbridge
Newspaper tycoon
Stars Hollow Elementary School teacher

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