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Can you name the Medical TV Shows by their description of 8 or less words?

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Antisocial forensic anthropologist working in a lab
Hospital of doctors faced with frequent dramatic situations
Nurse went to war now has PTSD
Doctors practice in jungle; limited supplies available
Humorous doctors start as interns hassled by attending
Documentary about life in a Boston Hospital
Show on TLC; real emergency patient's stories
Paramedics face traumatic situations and save lives
Paramedic with telepathic powers
Only 13 episodes; about organ donation
Obnoxious doctor in the field of diagnostics
Two plastic surgeons run their own practice
Drug addicted nurse breaks rules to save lives
Concierge doctor practices in Hamptons
Lives of emergency room doctors in Chicago
Dedicated nurse breaks rules to save lives
Spin-off of another show, about neo-natal doctor
Soap opera pretending to be about medicine

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