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Literary style valuing the goodness of nature
Former slave and abolitionist speaker
Route which many escaped slaves took north
Amendment which eventually gave women voting rights
Publisher of the 'Reader,' an early schoolbook
First modern criminal rehabilitation center in Central NY
Hospital and prison reform leader
White abolitionist newsman from Massachusetts
Mid-1800s movement to ban alcohol
Artist who painted the Course of Empire series
Leading state in education reform
Education reform leader from New England
Document penned in 1848 supporting female 'independence'
Famous abolitionist newspaper in Boston
Invention most responsible for slavery's spread
Slave who led a brutal revolt in Virginia, 1831
19th century American religious movement
Woman who repeatedly escorted escaped slaves north
emancipation without compensation violates which part of the Constitution?
Math! Gov't cost to 'buy' 4,500,000 slaves at $650 each?
Belief that women should create the perfect home
Location of 1848 Women's Rights Convention

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