We Didn't Start the Fire 1

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Can you name the Name the historic things in part 1 of We Didn't Start the Fire?

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Politician from Missouri
Actress, Rock Hudson co-star
Crimson dinnerware/country
'Cry' Artist
Opposite North Atlantic
News Commentator; W.W.
Yankees Outfielder; Jumpin
Feared Communism in America
He's not a crook
Old time car, starts with S
We watch HD this
Country recently led by Kim Jong-il
Country south of previous answer
First playboy
Jewish American Communists
Result of Manhattan Project
Boxer with a sweet tooth
Village in two previous answers
Breakthrough Actor (On the Waterfront)
Film, Royalty and Myself
Novel about a baseball player in the bread
President and General
Medical Cure
Female Royalty from England
Boxer; undefeated heavyweight
Used a WHITE Grand Piano
Authored The Last Puritan

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