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Can you name the different ways a balk in baseball may be committed?

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Balk Missing Word
Switches his pitching position from the windup to the set (or vice versa) without properly disengaging the ???;
While on the rubber, makes a motion associated with his pitch and does not complete the ???;
When going from the ??? to the set position, fails to make a complete stop with his hands together before beginning to pitch;
Throws from the mound to a base without stepping ??? (gaining distance in the direction of) that base;
Throws or feints a throw from the rubber to an ??? base, unless a play is imminent;
Steps or feints from the mound to ??? base without completing the throw;
Pitches a ??? return, that is, delivers with the intent to catch the batter off-guard or defenseless;
Pitches or ??? a part of his pitching motion while not in contact with the rubber;
Balk Missing Word
??? the ball while on the rubber, even if by accident, if the ball does not subsequently cross a foul line;
While intentionally walking a batter, or at any other time, releases a pitch while the ??? is out of his box with one or both feet;
Unnecessarily ??? the game;
Pitches while ??? away from the batter;
After bringing his hands together on the rubber, ??? them except in making a pitch or a throw;
Stands on or ??? the rubber without the ball, or mimics a pitch without the ball;
Throws to first when the first baseman, because of his ??? from the base, is unable to make a play on the runner there.

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