Hip & Thigh Muscles: Origins

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Can you name the Hip & Thigh Muscles: Origins?

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Name of muscleOrigin of muscleMuscle group
GracilisAdductor group
Rectus femorisQuadriceps group
Adductor magnusAdductor group
SemimembranosusHamstring group
Biceps femoris short headHamstring group
Vastus lateralisQuadriceps group
SemitendinosusHamstring group
IliacusIliopsoas group
Vastus intermediusQuadriceps group
Biceps femoris long headHamstring group
Adductor longusAdductor group
Name of muscleOrigin of muscleMuscle group
Vastus medialisQuadriceps group
Psoas majorIliopsoas group
Adductor brevisAdductor group
Tensor fasciae lataeGluteal group
Gluteus maximusGluteal group
PiriformisLateral Rotators
Gluteus mediusGluteal group
PectineusAdductor group
Gluteus minimusGluteal group
SartoriusQuadriceps group

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