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Forced Order
What is the action of this muscle?ActionSupplying nerve(s)
SemimembranosusTibial nerve
Biceps femoris short headCommon fibular nerve
Adductor brevisObturator nerve
Biceps femoris long headTibial nerve
Rectus femorisFemoral nerve
PiriformisNerve to pirifimoris
Vastus lateralisFemoral nerve
Psoas majorLumbar ventral rami
Vastus intermediusFemoral nerve
SartoriusFemoral nerve
Adductor magnusObturator nerve and tibial nerve
What is the action of this muscle?ActionSupplying nerve(s)
IliacusFemoral nerve
GracilisObturator nerve
PectineusObturator nerve and femoral nerve
SemitendinosusTibial nerve
Tensor fasciae lataeSuperior gluteal nerve
Gluteus maximusInferior gluteal nerve
Gluteus mediusSuperior gluteal nerve
Gluteus minimusSuperior gluteal nerve
Vastus medialisFemoral nerve
Adductor longusObturator nerve

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