Sybstance Use and Abuse Fact or Myth

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Most Kids in High school smoke regularily
it is safe to take a drug if you know the person who gave it to you
Date rape drups take 1 hour before you start feeling the effects
alcohol is a halucinogen
cigars and cigarellos are more dangerous than cigarettes
it is much easier to deal with alcohol problems sooner rather than later
marijuana is less harmful than tobacco or alcohol
Males and Females react the same way to alcohol
binge drinking is a serious issue for grade 7-12 students
cocaine use is on the rise for gr. 12 students
drinking coffee, working up a sweat, or having a cold shower will sober you up
the earlier you start drinking the you are to become dependant on alcohol more likely
It is never too late to stop smoking
Peer conflict/dating violence and unsafe sexual behavious physical and sexual violence are assosciated with smoking, drug and alcohol use
second hand smoke is dangerous
if someone passes out from drinking it is best to let them sleep it off
many drugs become more dangerous when they are mixed
alcohol affects a mother unborn baby
Date rape drugs can be put in any drink not just alcoholic drinks
alcohol is often involved by one or both parties when a sexual assault occurs
tpbacco is the most commonly used drug by teens in high school
tobacco kills more people each year than motor vehicle collisions, suicides, homicides and AIDS combines
drinking beer or wine will not make you as drunk as drinking hard liquor

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