Tracy Beaker Returns Episode 1 (quotes)

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Can you name the Characters from tracy beaker returns based on quotes (from series 2)?

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'There's more meat on Gina!'
'Don't make this any harder than it already is'
'That sounds like a 'Tracy' plan to me'
''Persuade' is probably better than 'force''
'You don't expect us to eat this rubbish do you?'
'Shut up, Shut up, Continue'
'Come on your not gonna get more than that for this rubbish'
'We're gonna stay down here until they agree to keep this place open'
'Or they break the door down and drag us all out'
'Can i come and stay? I'll sleep on the floor unless you've got a really big bed'
'No-one will listen to me!'
'Why is tracy up on the roof?'
'I made these so we don't miss the carpets'
'Jeff'll help!'
'Yes!' Makes happy hand gesture
'We want that!'
'Hows my favourite girls? Ready for a story?'
'I'll bring her back when things have calmed down'
'10 more minutes and then i'm calling the police'

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