Tracy Beaker Returns Episode 6 (Quotes)

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'Oi mate, there's a couple of giant fried eggs looking for you'
'This is either a tiny amount of curry, or a very big plate'
'Don't discourage them Gina, I think it's a great idea'
'You did use the tinned tomatoes right?'
'Hmm, and it's important not to patronise people'
''Oh I get it, S.G.C.A.F'
'I don't wanna fight you, you nutter'
'Err, Frank and Liam's secret den'
'How can you eat cauliflower? It looks like brains'
'It's best of seven, we ALWAYS do be of seven'
'Can I join your gang?'
'It smells like Gina's wednesday pasta'
'I didn't'
'We got a sausage split deal, and also a deal of jaw-breakers as well'

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