Tracy Beaker Returns Episode 7 (Quotes)

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'Only because he's so desperate to be fostered'
'I hear you, but we don't split up siblings'
'So, if you're him, would you want us to tell you?'
'Is that why you took an hour to get ready this morning?'
'Axeblood's cape was always blue when i was your age'
'Tracy has worn the same top for Seth's last four visits'
'We can check, i'll go find it'
'She let me borrow it, but she didn't ask for it back so...'
'Don't know if we should bother unpacking...we'll be going back with our foster family soon'
'Don't worry, there's gonna be other foster families'
'They're a credit to you Mr Mulligan'
'Because, we care about you very much'
'Daddy, is tee coming home soon?'
'Just wondering if you wanted any help?'
'No it couldn't'
'We have fixed the recipe, it doesn't explode anymore'

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