Tracy Beaker Returns Episode 5 (Quotes)

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''Toby are you alright? What happened?'
'Sure yeah, Tracy? Round them up?'
'Tracy did the right thing'
'SA10 HMG, that's the car registration'
'How much money are we talking about exactly?'
'I'll pay you'
'This is mad. If the gang finds out we've got the money, we're dead'
'What's going on? What are you doing?'
Why would we do that, when we've got money?'
'We can go to DisneyLand. We can go quad biking'
'I don't think the police will find it that way'
'I thought we were supposed to be friends?'
'I had a pet hamster when i was a kid'
'Look, can we just speak to someone in charge? Please?'
'This morning we caried out a raid, on a property in the area'
'OK as, soon as your mum or dad get here'
'Look i've been shopping and i've brought this for Lily'

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