Tracy Beaker Returns Episode 2 (Quotes)

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'She was afraid that you had got the wrong end of the stick'
'She didn't jump off the roof, she fell'
'You're not gonna be too hard on him are you?'
'Do you wanna use the phone?'
'Listen are we playing cards, or having a girly gossip?'
'Well if mike isn't a mate, who is?'
'Nice kidney punch on johnny'
'Jeff doesn't like you'
'Stop it Johnny, Just stop!'
'Lily jumps off a roof and get's whatever she wants'
'Yeah, bye-bye, there's the rest of her stuff'
'They've re-opened elm tree house?'
'Except toby, he never came back'
'Terrible thing, kids like that running wild?'
'I haven't got a poorly tummy'

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