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Can you name the people and other things from the mother daughter book club series?

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Another mean girl turned nice from Colonial Academy
A very old ice skating teacher who is close to Emma and Cassidy
Supermodel mom who has three daughters
Emma's boyfriend and brother of Becca
The book the girls read in the 7th book
What is the author's name who writes the series?
The grandmother who loves everything French
Cassidy's cool older sister who is very girly
Megan's boyfriend who lives in England
The book the girls read in the sixth book
Ice dancer who has a tiny crush on Cassidy
Cassidy's baby sister who loves to destroy things
Another friend of Emma's from England
The rocker girl from the Wyoming MDBC
The color of the Hawthorne's kitchen
Book loving member of the MDBC
Cassidy's stepdad who is bald and cheerful
Annabelle's cousin who lives with Megan
The name of Cassidy's moms cooking show
Who is the boy that Becca falls in love with in Mankato?
Megan's white cat who is attracted to Sophie Fairfax
ClueAnswerFun Fact
Snooty English girl who is Tristan's ice dancing partner
Librarian mother who is kind of the leader of the MDBC
The name of Cassidy's hockey team
Environmentally friendly who loves organic foods
What is the name of Emma's dog?
Co-owner of Half-Moon Farm and loves to act
Hokey player who is dating Jess
What is the name of Cassidy's dog?
Jess's friend from Colonial academy who is in the Madrigals
Emma's weird, but nice friend from England
Hockey lover who hates Concord at first
An expert knitter from the Wyoming MDBC
A rodeo princess from the Wyoming MDBC
A very large walrus like mother who loves gardening
What is the name of the third book?
The farm where the Delaney family lives
Farm girl who transfers to Colonial Academy
The mean girl from the Wyoming MDBC
Fashion designer who lives in a very big house
The book the girls read in the 2nd book
Mean girl turned nice who is on the cheerleading team

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