Homer Simpson's Favourite Food/Drinks

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Can you name the favourite food or drinks of Homer Simpson?

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HintFood or Drink
'Though I don't have exact numbers for this, but I think Homer drinks ____ ____ at least once in every episode. He drinks fancy _____ and just plain ol' ___'
'Whether they're flamed on the grill, or fried on Marge's stove, ______ are Homer's number one favorite food. over fifty references on were counted at 'The Simpsons' Archive'
'Homer eats ____ _____ at home, at picnics and at the ballpark. There are forty references on the food list at 'The Simpsons' Archive.
'Homer will eat ____ hot or cold. There are thirty-seven references on the food list at 'The Simpsons' Archive.'
'Homer said 'mmmm' to _____ in 'Bart's Dog Gets an F,' 'Radio Bart' and 'Krusty Gets Busted.' He daydreamed about a world made of ____ in 'Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk.' '
HintFood or Drink
'Who would Homer Simpson be without ____? These treats are referenced in 'Homer at the Bat,' 'Treehouse of Horror IV' and 'Simpson Tide.' '
Homer drools over _____ in 'Treehouse of Horror VI' and 'Treehouse of Horror II.'
Oh, yes, ______. In 'Blood Feud' and 'Stark Raving Dad' Homer describes his desire for ______
'Homer says 'Mmm' to ___ ___ frequently at Moe's, specifically in 'A Star Is Burns.'

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