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Country and LeagueTeamValue
England-Premiership$1.86 Billion
America-NFL$1.81 Billion
America-MLB$1.7 Billion
America-NFL$1.55 Billion
Spain-La Liga$1.45 Billion
America-NFL$1.37 Billion
England-Premiership$1.19 Billion
America-NFL$1.18 Billion
America-NFL$1.17 Billion
America-NFL$1.14 Billion
America-NFL$1.12 Billion
America-NFL$1.07 Billion
Italy-Motorsport$1.07 Billion
America-NFL$1.07 Billion
America-NFL$1.05 Billion
America-NFL$1.04 Billion
America-NFL$1.04 Billion
America-NFL$1.04 Billion
Germany-Bundesliga$1.03 Billion
America-NFL$1.02 Billion
America-NFL$1.02 Billion
America-NFL$1.01 Billion
America-NFL$996 Million
America-NFL$994 Million
America-NFL$989 Million
Country and LeagueTeamValue
Spain-La Liga$975 Million
America-NFL$965 Million
America-NFL$955 Million
America-NFL$925 Million
America-NFL$919 Million
America-MLB$912 Million
America-NFL$907 Million
America-NFL$905 Million
Italy-Serie A$838 Million
America-NFL$831 Million
America-NFL$817 Million
England-Motorsport$815 Million
America-MLB$800 Million
America-NFL$799 Million
America-NFL$779 Million
America-NFL$774 Million
America-MLB$773 Million
America-NFL$758 Million
America-MLB$747 Million
America-NFL$725 Million
England-Premiership$658 Million
America-NBA$655 Million
America-NBA$643 Million
Italy-Serie A$628 Million
America-MLB$609 Million

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