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Partial LyricSong
to the window, to the wall
donna donna jodi and rebecca
fuelin' up on heartaches and cheap wine
i like the way you do that....
in wintertime, but it's july
man she's self-sufficent, unafraid, almost grown, a bit apprehensive, and she plays it smart
i'm getting older too, well, i'm getting
you must be a football coach the way you got me playin' the field
all of these lines are being crossed over the atmosphere
i can still hear the words you whispered
...no matter what they say
so grab your girls and you grab a couple more
Partial LyricSong
when your education x-ray cannot see under my skin
...on my mind fullfill my fantasies
we gon' sip bacardi like it's your birthday
walk with a sippy cup of milk
i like the all white high top straps with the gum bottom
unglued in a trap trip i can't
you were my sun, you were my earth
well i saw fireworks from the freeway
i'm more confused yet i look for the light
discover me discoverin
we can even do it slow take it where you want to go
want a towel on a chair in the sand

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