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Matthew Harrison Brady1960
Cpt. Clarence Oveur1980
Staff Sgt. Sean Dignam2006
Kirk Lazarus2008
Eddie 'Scrap-Iron' Dupris2004
Lt. Dan Taylor1994
Banky Edwards1997
Sam Loomis1960
Matty Walker1981
Sgt. Mike Horvath1998
Chief Bromden1975
Group Cpt. Lionel Mandrake1964
Detective David Mills1995
Julie Nichols1982
Marla Singer1999
Minnie Castevet1968
Tommy DeVito1991
Walter Finch2002
Henry Gondorff1973
Matt Hooper1975
Colonel Walter E. Kurtz1979
Mr. Kobayashi1995
Penny Lane2000
Phyllis Dietrichson1944
Rick Vaughn1989
Judy Barton1958
Carl Hanratty2002
Brigid O'Shaughnessy1941
Mrs. Iselin1962
Bridget von Hammersmarck2009
Jerry Lundegaard1996
Butch Coolidge1994
Dr. Christian Szell1975
Brooks Hatlen1994
Tom Hagen1972

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