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He washed his face in a frying pan.
She crossed the wide prairie with her husband.
She is lost and gone forever.
He laid down his hammer and he died.
She's the girl that I adore and she's from Baltimore.
He grew whiskers on his chin.
He should hang down his head and cry.
He rowed a boat.
She lies over the sea.
He works on the railway.
Her ghost walks with a wheelbarrow in Dublin.
Hint from lyrics
She walks on tip-toe,tip-toe.
You may dream of her light brown hair.
His name is my name too.
He was a merry old soul.
The pipes are calling him.
Won't he come home?
She might cry for an Alabama guy with a banjo.
He had a farm.
Where did he come from? Where did he go?
Someone's in the kitchen with her.

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