Celebrities by Initials

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Can you name the celebrity by his/her initials??

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DB (female)Entertainment
RJ (female)Entertainment
HZ (male)Author
AK (female)Sports
ED (female)Entertainment
SM (female)Fashion
DT (male)Business/Entertainment
RP (male)Politics
SM (female)Author
JT (male)Music
BK (female)Music
TW (male)Sports
BM (male)Music
KG (female)Entertainment
MJ (male)Fashion
TS (female)Music
DL (male)Entertainment
JM (female)Entertainment
JC (female)Author
HL (male)Entertainment
BD (male)Music
LJ (male)Sports
KC (male)Music
GP (female)Entertainment
BC (male)Politics
FH (female)Music
OO (male)Music
NM (female)Music
SW (female)Sports
ST (male)Music

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