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Patrick's Favorite Family Recipe
Pete tried to kill himself outside of what local store?
Andy's new vegan power metal band goes by the name of?
Joe is always being made fun of for being a ____
Pete goes by what false name in an interview?
Patrick changed his middle name from Martin to ____
How many tattoos does Andy claim he has?
Pete's favorite movie?
Who is the 'fifth' member of Fall Out Boy?
What is the name of Pete's new band?
What does the band use to clean their hair on the tour bus?
What was the name of the band in which Pete was the lead screamer?
Patrick hates what type of sauce?
What is the name of the bands online computer game?
Andy tosses water at an interviewer's face because he asked if the___
What was Pete's first car?
Andy met which member of Fall Out boy first?
What does G.I.N.A.S.F.S stand for?
Pete receives a shirt that says 'Don't google yourself' from which famous friend?
Joe claims his carpet is made of ____

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