Missing Word: Military History (A-Z)

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Can you provide the missing words for these names and terms from military history?

Updated Nov 29, 2013

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Battle of ____, 1415A
Napoleon ____B
Fall of ____, 1453C
The Second ____ of Prague, 1618D
____ RommelE
____-Prussian War, 1870-71F
____ Campaign, 1915-16G
Attila the ____H
____ Civil War, 1529-32I
____ of ArcJ
Wounded ____ Massacre, 1890K
Charge of the ____ Brigade, 1854L
Chandragupta ____M
____ Landings, 1944N
First ____ War, 1839-42O
38th ____ NorthP
____ Anne's War, 1702-13Q
____-Japanese War, 1904-05R
War of the ____ Succession, 1701-14S
Battle of the ____ Forest, 9 CET
Treaty of ____, 1713U
____ CongV
Peace of ____, 1648W
____ Wars, 1779-1879X
____ Kippur War, 1973Y
Shaka ____Z

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