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A-what lorelai craves when she thinks shes pregnant
B-lorelais favorite band in high school
C-classic movie luke has never seen til movie night
D-commonly eaten diner food by the gilmore girls
E-thanksgiving-'were gonna__an' __ an' __an'__'
F-play put on by Stars Hollow Elementary, directed by Crazy Carrie
G-'the new pink'
H-where emily and richard live
I-where lorelai suggests she and chris should stay on their trip
J-richards business partner 'Digger'
K-last name of antique store owner/rorys best friend
L-rorys college boyfriend
M-name of local bridge the town saves by knitting
N-this disease (boy) is what dean was called after rorys dance
O-'__ with the poodles already!'
P-this train broke down and left the whole town smelling like it
Q-name of fancy dish emily serves that chris lorelai and rory throw away
R-name of Luke's old serious girlfriend
S-type of precipitation lorelai can smell
T-this type of profession floods Stars Hollow when one is hired by Neil Young
U-type of shoewear that made rorys feet 'so much more comfortable in 2002'
V-where jess goes to find his dad
W-where the round cakes are
X-rory gets one of these when jess crashes her car and hurts her arm
Y-where rory goes to college
Z-lanes husband and hep alien band member

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