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Can you name the missing word(s) in these quotes from How I Met Your Mother?

Updated Dec 14, 2012

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Kids, I'm going to tell you an incredible story, the story of ___ __ ___ ____ _____..
It's gonna be legen... ___ __ ___... dary!
You know something, I'd take a __ in the gutter over Julia Roberts any day.
Nobody likes to ____ _ _______ at work. And if they do, they're not human!
Suit ___!
I had to go all over Canada and sing this song in _____.
Oh, God, what did I do!? How could you let me shave my _____
Haaaaave you met ___?
Okay I'm gunna give you a choice, either 10 _____ right now in a row, or 5 _____ that can be doled out at any point from here to eternity...
Oh, poor me. I get to order yummy pink _____ with chunks of real fruit that guys secretly like but can't order because they'll be made fun of.
_________ celebrates explorer Martin Frobisher's valiant but failed attempt to find a passage west.
I'm not a gay pirate, I have sex with my ______ all the time! ...Okay that came out wrong.
You're playing ______. With a basketball... and tennis rackets?
Vomit-free since ___!
Coming up next, is your ____ trying to kill you?
Wait, so when you said we were going to pick someone up at the ______, you meant we were going to *pick someone up* at the ______?
_____ law! It's gonna be a thing.
Six cups of _________? That can't be right.
How come it never came up that Barney has a ___ - ______brother?
I'm going out of this world the same way I came in. ____ ______. Open bar for the men, open casket for the ladies. What up?!
This is what I get after I worked as a _______ for four years to put you through medical school? I got breast implants for you. I... I was just about to turn on the tears.
Dear ______, I do not like that stupid hat. I want to beat it with a bat. I want to stab it with a fork. It makes you look like such a dork.
A girl is allowed to be _____ as long as she is equally hot. Thus, if she's *this* _____, she has to be *this* hot. You want the girl to be above this line.
How easy do you think it is to sneak into the ____? I need to see some penguins like, right now...
Go for _____

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