Trials Important to Forensic Psychology

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Can you name the Trials Important to Forensic Psychology?

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CaseWhy it was important
Schall vs Martin (1984)
Muller vs Oregon (1907)
Frye vs United States (1923)
O'Connor vs Donaldson (1975)
Atkins vs Viginia (2002)
Louisiana vs Hughes (2003)
Jenkins vs United States (1962)
Roper vs Simmons (2005)
Megan's Law (1996)
CaseWhy it was important
Daubert vs Merrel Dow (1993)
McCleskey vs Kemp (1987)
Kansas vs Hendricks/Crane (1997/2002)
Jacob Wetterling Act (1994)
Barefoot vs Estelle (1983)
Waterhouse vs Hopkins (1989)
State vs Driver (1921)
Terasoft vs Regents of UC (1976)

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