Goljan 5 of X: Autoimmune/neoplastic Dz marker

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Anti-parietal cell antibodies
Mutated in familial adenomatous polyposis
NSE, Chromogranin, Synaptophysin, S100 (+)
DPC mutation
Anti-insulin antibodies
AD mutation in MLH1/MSH2
Anti-desmoglein antibodies
Deficiency of C1 esterase inhibitor
Elevated tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase
Anti-LKM antibodies
Auto-antibody seen in Wegener's granulomatosis
Anti-voltage-gated Ca2+ channel antibodies
Auto-antiobdy seen in Churg-Strauss syndrome
Anti-dsDNA antibodies
t(8;14) affects what gene
Tumor marker for neuroblastoma
High urinary HVA/VMA + N-Myc
Anti-U1 RNP antibodies
Anti-microsomal antibodies
Anti-SCL 70 antibodies
CALLA is a positive indicator in...
Gene mutated in MEN 2a/2b
Pleomorphic astrocytes with brisk activity and necrosis
Auto-antiobdy seen in CREST syndrome
CA 19-9 tumor marker
HPV viral protein E6 target
Auto-antiobdy seen in drug-induced lupus
Mutated in Li-Fraumani syndrome
Causes centrilobular necrosis and fatty change of the liver
Anti-Yo, Anti-P|Q, Anti-Hu
DCC mutation
Anti-SS-B (La) antibodies
Gene mutated in NF2
Auto-antiobdy seen in Goodpasture syndrome
Auto-antiobdy seen in autoimmune hepatitis
Complement deficiency + S. pneumo septicemia + lupus-like syndrome
Missing enzyme to degrade C3 and C4 convertase on RBCs
Anti-TSH receptor antibodies
Anti-proteinase 3 antibodies
Spindle cells with hair-like glial processes
AD mutation in p53 gene
Gene is involved in t(11;14)
Auto-antiobdy seen in seen in PBC
Anti-thyroperoxidase antibodies
Anti-endomysial IgA
N-MYC implicated in what cancer
Cells that stain (+) for synaptophysin
Defect in decay accelerating factor (DAF)
Anti-thyroglobulin antibodies
LDH tumor marker
Analine dyes
HVA in urine
AD mutation of NF1
AD mutation in APC gene
Anti-islet cell antibodies
HPV viral protein E7 target
Anti-Sm antibodies
Thorotrast, arsenic, polyvinyl chloride
Inheritance of hereditary angioedema
Anti-Jo-1 antibodies
CA 125 tumor marker
Cause of liver angiosarcoma
Anti-ribonucleoprotein antibodies
S-100 tumor marker
Cancer of CyclinD dysregulation
Anti-intrinsic factor antibodies
Anti-SS-A (Ro) antibodies
Anti-centormere antibodies
Auto-antibody seen in microscopic polyangiitis
Anti-IgG antibodies
Inversion c.16
Anti-GBM antibodies
PML/RARa gene created by
CD10 is a positive indicator in...
Anti-DNA topoisomerase 1 antibodies
Auto-antiobdy seen in mixed connective tissue disease
Anti-giladin IgA
CEA tumor marker
Anti-histone antibodies
Rosenthal fibers
Anti-MPO antibodies
Auto-antiobdy seen in rheumatoid arthritis
Pseudorosettes with GFAP positive processes
What is translocation of mantle cell lymphoma?
Anti-smooth muscle antibodies
Receptor targeted by tratuzumab
Anti-ACh receptor antibodies
Cystic brain tumor with granular eosinophilic bodies
Growth factor affected by osteosarcoma
Anti-mitochondrial antibodies
Anti-nuclear antibodies
Elevated bombesin
ERB-B2 gene
c-Myc activating cancer leads to EWSFL1 over-production
BCR-ABL fusion gene
Homer-wright rosettes
Anti-glutamate decarboxylase antibodies
Auto-antiobdy seen in polymyositis
Anti-tissue transglutiminase IgA
AFP tumor marker
Ki67 fraction >99%
Auto-antiobdy seen in Grave's disease
MCC1 complement deficiency
CA 15-3 tumor marker
Gene involved in t(14;18)
C-MYC implicated in what cancer

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