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Description of characterCharacter
Pip's love interest throughout the novel
Wealthy, eccentric old woman. Jilted by husband
Secret benefactor to Pip; The Convict
Pip's sympathetic Father figure; blacksmith
Powerful lawyer in charge of Pip's 'great expectations'
Challenged Pip to a fight; Later becomes Pip's best friend and companion
Jagger's clerk who has split personalities at work and home
Description of characterCharacter
Kindhearted girl who cares for Mrs. Joe after she is attacked
Attacks Mrs. Joe and almost kills Pip
Pip's sister and strict mother figure
Pip's arrogant uncle who takes credit for Pip's rise in social classes
Former partner of Magwitch; Jilted Ms. Havisham
Unpleasant young man; eventually marries Estella
Delicate young man; Helps Magwitch escape

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