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Can you name the animals without internal skeletons?

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This annelid is a welcome sight in gardens, eating dirt and excreting nutrient-rich soil.
Though named after a mythical beast, this budding cnidarian has almost nothing in common with its namesake.
This land mollusk has two eyestalks and two tentacles, and is an enemy of gardeners.
This iconic cephalopod has arms (not tentacles) and is one of the smartest animals in the sea.
Be careful not to get stung by this dangerous cnidarian.
This loud summer insect tends to leave its empty exoskeleton in the open.
This is the simplest of all animals, and shares its name with a cleaning product.
This spiny echinoderm has five pointed teeth around the circumference of its mouth.
This many-legged land crustacean curls into a ball when threatened.
This many-eyed predator usually sets traps made from a substance it excretes from its spinnerette.

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