Broadway Musicals: Actor by Characters

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Can you name the Broadway Actor by Character?

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Martha Jefferson, Margaret White, Grizabella
Sir Robin, Clarence, Lt. Frank Cioffi
Norma Desmond, Charity Barnum, Princess Mary
Madame Armfeldt, Mame Dennis, Countess Aurelia
Reno Sweeney, Jo March, Millie Dillmount
Annie Oakley, Rose Thompson Hovick, Mabel Normand
Dolly Gallagher Levi, Lorelei Lee, Ruth Sherwood
Eva Peron, Mrs. Nellie Lovett, Lucia
Peter Pan, Maria von Trapp, Nellie Forbush
Carl Hanratty, Freddy Benson, Camille Raquin
The Wizard of Oz, Moonface Martin, Master of Ceremonies
Eliza Doolittle, Queen Guinevere, Polly Brown
Young Cosette, Wendla, Chava
Lilaine La Fleur, Rosie Alvarez, Anita
Max Bialystock, Pseudolus, Nathan Detroit
Dr. Frank N. Furter, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, King Arthur
Glinda, Sally Brown, Fran Kubelik
Chuck Baxter, Sky Masterson, Billy Flynn
Maureen Johnson, Elphaba, Amneris
Judas Iscariot, Hud, Leading Player

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