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Can you name the home countries of these video game companies?

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DeveloperCountryNotable game(s)
TaleWorldsMount & Blade
IO InteractiveHitman, Kane & Lynch
Remedy EntertainmentMax Payne, Alan Wake
Bohemia InteractiveOperation Flashpoint, ARMA 2
ACE TeamZeno Clash
Pyro StudiosCommandos, Praetorians
BioWareMass Effect, Baldur's Gate
CroteamSerious Sam
Team IcoIco, Shadow of Colossus
Lionhead StudiosFable, Black & White
DeveloperCountryNotable game(s)
CD ProjektThe Witcher
Nival InteractiveSilent Storm, Heroes of Might and Magic V
CrytekFar Cry, Crysis
Guerrilla GamesKillzone, Shellshock: Nam '67
Quantic DreamFahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy)
NCsoftAion, Lineage
FuncomAge of Conan, The Longest Journey
Blizzard EntertainmentWarcraft, Diablo
GSC Game WorldS.T.A.L.K.E.R
Digital IllusionsMirror's Edge, Battlefield 1942

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