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Name the opponent from the game in which Mizzou football recorded its largest crowd ever?
The name of the south quadrangle.
Year in which Truman the Tiger made his first appearance
On What street is Mizzou Arena located?
Year of the 5th down.
Alternate name of 'Historic 8th Street'
Largest classroom on campus
Decade in which the MU football team was the only school in the nation that never lost more than three games in a single season
What were the first and last names of the first two Mizzou graduates?
What building did the famous six columns come from?
The window pattern on the east side of what hall spells out “M-I-Z beat k-U!” when entered on an old computer punch card?
What year did Mizzou receive Thomas Jefferson's original tombstone?
Stankowski Field's original name
What is the name of the area north of Jesse Hall on which the Columns stand?
What Mizzou coach was portrayed in the movie 'Rudy'?
The bell that rings on Tap Day is located in which building?
What famous Mizzou Alum created the Beetle Bailey cartoon?
What is the name of the building that houses the Law School?
Bengals was (not long ago) known as...
What is the oldest building on campus?

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