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Can you name the Championship Promotions and Relegations of the 2000's?

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YearTeam NameArea
2009-2010 Championship WinnerNorth East England
2009-2010 Championship RUMidlands
2009-2010 Play-Off WinnerNorth West England
2009-2010 Championship RelegationYorkshire
2009-2010 Championship RelegationEast of England
2009-2010 Championship RelegationSouth of England
2008-2009 Championship WinnerMidlands
2008-2009 Championship RU Midlands
2008-2009 Play-Off WinnerNorth West England
2008-2009 Championship RelegationEast of England
2008-2009 Championship RelegationSouth of England
2008-2009 Championship RelegationLondon
2007-2008 Championship WinnerMidlands
2007-2008 Championship RUMidlands
2007-2008 Play Off WinnerYorkshire
2007-2008 Championship RelegationMidlands
2007-2008 Championship RelegationYorkshire
2007-2008 Championship RelegationEast of England
YearTeam NameArea
2006-2007 Championship WinnerNorth East England
2006-2007 Championship Runner UpMidlands
2006-2007 Play Off WinnerMidlands
2006-2007 Championship RelegationEast of England
2006-2007 Championship RelegationBedfordshire
2006-2007 Championship RelegationYorkshire
2005-2006 Championship WinnerBerkshire
2005-2006 Championship Runner UpYorkshire
2005-2006 Play Off WinnerLondon
2005-2006 Championship RelegationNorth West of England
2005-2006 Championship RelegationLondon
2005-2006 Championship RelegationSouth of England
2004-2005 Championship WinnerNorth East England
2004-2005 Championship RUNorth West of England
2004-2005 Play Off WinnerLondon
2004-2005 Championship RelegationSouth of England
2004-2005 Championship RelegationMidlands
2004-2005 Championship RelegationYorkshire

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